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3 September 2012

Standing Up for James is launched with a specific view to informing the Children and Families Bill.

12 October 2012

Submitted written evidence to Parliament for the pre-legislative enquiry around the Bill. Sent copy of Standing Up for James to chairman of Education Select Committee.

November 2012

Personalised, targeted emails sent to about 30 MPs and Peers, asking for their support and involvement over the Bill. Copies of Standing Up for James  placed in the libraries of both Houses of Parliament.

20 November 2012

Article written for the Westminster Education Forum conference on the Bill.

 5 March 2013

Attending a conference held by The Council for Disabled Children, asking Stephen Kingdom from DfE about a single point of appeal. Being told there were no plans to introduce one into the Bill.

11 March 2013

Writing first letter to the Minister for Children and Families in charge of the Bill, Edward Timpson.

15 March 2013

Making a written submission to Parliament over Clause 50 of the Bill (at that point Clause 50 concerned appeals to Tribunal).

 17 March 2013

First letter to Edward Timpson featured in the Sunday Mercury

20 March 2013

Invited by Tom Clarke MP and learning disability charity Mencap, to attend a meeting of several All Party Parliamentary Groups held in the House of Commons to consider the Bill. Raising the issue of the single point of appeal.

14 April 2013

Invited by Rosa Monckton to speak at her Seminar ‘Right to Care?’ held in the House of Commons.

8 May

Receive a full but disappointing response from a civil servant to first letter to Minister Edward Timpson.

 13 May 2013

Second letter to Minister Edward Timpson.

 6 September 2013

Article for National Autistic Society newsletter supporting their petition for a single point of appeal from EHC plans.

17 October 2013

Article published in Huffington Post UK supporting petition signed by 104 charities, organised by Every Disabled Child Matters Campaign.

 6 November 2013

Standing Up for James is referred to by Baroness Hughes and Baroness Wilkins  during a parliamentary debate on the Bill. The book is now recorded in Hansard.

9 December 2013

Open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron accompanied by public appeal for people to petition the Prime Minister directly, via the No. 10 website.

 15 December 2013

Open letter to Prime Minister featured in the Birmingham Mail.

17 December 2013

Invited by National Autistic Society to speak to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism in the House of Commons. The meeting was attended by Minister Edward Timpson who sat on the speaker panel with me; also Steve McCabe, then shadow Minister for Children and Families; Rob Holland, Parliamentary Lead for Mencap and Dan Leighton, then parliamentary and policy officer for the National Autistic Society. Following this meeting there were huddles in corners and the pilot scheme was mooted.

 5 February 2014

Government agrees to amend the Bill to include a  Pilot Scheme for the single point of appeal.

 1 September 2014

Bill becomes law.

June 2016

Oral evidence given to CEDAR team at Warwick University who have been commissioned by DfE to evaluate pilots.

29 March 2017

DfE reports that pilots will be rolled out nationwide for 2 years  from 2018.